The promise of a cloud service provider is to be faster, cheaper and better. The challenge of traditional IT is to remain competitive in the eyes of your business. Remaining competitive means to remain relevant. To achieve this, the attributes of the cloud service provider need to be adopted into your organization. Sequoia has adopted the principles of cloud computing and packaged services to enable ANY organization to "Be a Service Provider" within their own organization.

Our Expertise

Our passion, and our niche.


The foundation for cloud is in your datacenter. Compute, storage and networking all exist but are leveraged differently by cloud providers. Designed from the ground up, cloud providers use principles of pool, abstract, and automate. Sequoia optimizes your IT infrastructure by providing thorough optimization assessments with specific, targeted actions to increase efficiency.

Capacity Planning
Providing insightful data on recapturing idle, powered off, or over-provisioned infrastructure.

Optimization Assessments
Using some of the industry's most sophisticated tools, Sequoia enables any organization to gain a complete view of compute, storage and networking usage improvements.

Infrastructure Planning
Focusing on extracting more value out of commodity based platforms through virtualization, Sequoia's optimization practitioners provide you a detailed plan to migrate legacy systems into an application aware, virtualized infrastructure pool.


IT Automation reduces time-consuming, manual processes and provides additional cost savings through automated reclamation of inactive resources, Business-Aware Governance, as well as Infrastructure Delivery and Life-Cycle Management.

Infrastructure Lifecycle Management
Automate and optimize the ability to quickly deploy and reclaim resources based on usage and user policies.

Automated Application Provisioning
Enable customers to quickly access and deploy applications based on their user, group or administrative policies.

Business-Aware Governance
Enable IT administrators to apply their own way of doing business in the cloud without changing organizational processes or policies. Enterprises gain the flexibility needed for business units to have different service levels, policies and automation processes for their needs, as appropriate.


Business uninterrupted, it is the new model for delivery of enterprise applications. Effective Disaster Recovery is no longer out of reach for any organization. Aligning IT to business objectives means delivering the right recovery objectives to keep your business moving. Whether on premise or to the cloud, Sequoia aprovides deep industry experise delivered on leading platforms for unmatched DR.

Disaster Recovery Architecture
Leverage the latest in enterpise grade tools and processes to provide recovery point and reovery time objectives in minutes ior seconds.

Dependency Mapping
To effectively deliver DR you need to understand the relationships within your infrastructure. Discovering and maintaining dependencies in your environment means keeping your recovery plans current and reliable.

Disaster Recovery -as-a-Service
With and you can depend on our enterpise DR and recovery platforms designed to suit your needs and your budget


Consumerization of IT brings new challenges to organizations looking to streamline and simplify the user experience. The benefits of the service cost model bring a new level of awareness of the cost of services to the user as well as accountability to the business. Proper IT Financial Management supports alignment of IT resources to business initiatives and outcomes.

Service Cost Modeling
Scenario based assessment of current and proposed services, allows IT immediate and accurate financial forecasting of bringing new services to the business. Sequoia can provide detailed assessment either on-premise or as a service.

Sequoia can help you evaluate and measure how your IT is performing relative to industry peers and cloud providers.

IT Budget Optimization
Based on your financial metrics for resources, IT Budget Optimization combines Capacity Planning and Resource Optimization with your financial data to accurately reflect the true savings of consolidation and resource management.