We are the leaders

Every member of our team has a passion for helping our clients succeed.

Dennis Chan

Chief Innovation Officer | Co-Founder

The Technical Vision Leader

Dennis brings over 15 years of Enterprise Architecture experience to our clients. Having designed and architected some of the largest hybrid cloud architectures for aerospace, insurance, banking, and retail enterprises, Dennis enables clients with legacy enterprise platforms to become agile and efficient with highly virtualized and automated infrastructure.
Our Clients' success drives our motivation.

Rob Wiens

Managing Director | Co-Founder

The Business Development Leader

With a 20 year background in Enterprise IT, Rob enables Sequoia clients to understand technology decisions from a business perspective. Driving business focused outcomes, Rob aligns the Technology roadmap to the boardroom objectives.
Value is the only thing that matters.

Ryan Klos

Virtualization Architect

The Technical Delivery Leader

The culmination of Sequoia's strategy and vision to our clients, Ryan leads the technical design and delivery of our architecture. Skilled and certified in storage, virtual networking, disaster recovery and automation, his role enables Sequoia's team to effectively implement the technical plan that drives the business outcomes.

Do it Once- Do it Right